Oppo F19 Pro – An Excellent Handheld That Meets High Expectations


The Oppo F19 is an extremely impressive smartphone. It was one of the most anticipated smartphones from the Android ecosystem. After the release of the Oppo Eunky Mee, which failed to be a hit, the company managed to get the launch of their new smartphone in the right track. The Oppo F19 is an amazing smartphone with great features. This review will give you an idea of what the phone has to offer you. We’ll also talk about whether the phone is worth your money.

The Oppo F19 Pro is one of many handsets from the Oppo group of products that are being released in India this year. The smartphone was launched at the IFA conference in Singapore during the second week of August, which is not that long after the global launch event. The phone’s release event was attended by heads of several Indian corporations, including Bajaj, Idea, Vodafone, Spice, TCL and Samsung. The company also confirmed that the F19 Pro would be launching in China in the coming months. F19 Pro

The company has not yet released many details regarding its design or the unique selling proposition (USP) but the F19 Pro has a lot to offer from the manufacturer. According to the company, the f19 pro has an advanced dual-core processor, an astounding six.4-inch capacitive display, an astonishingly beautiful design, an innovative keyboard, an astounding camera, an efficient memory manager, a large multimedia storage, a fast dual-core Adreno processor, a spacious proximity sensor, an astounding 2 mega pixel resolution, an infrared sensor, a single and dual-tone ringtone, an impressive connectivity features and an accurate, high-speed, multi-point GPS. In addition to these advanced attributes, the company claims that the F19 Pro also offers consumers a high degree of battery life. The handset has no fewer than eight customizable home screens and the user has the freedom to install any of a range of high-resolution, vibrant skins.

The Oppo F19 Pro comes with two variants – the standard and the microSD flavour. The company has also not disclosed much about the storage capacities of the handset apart from saying it will be of the highest quality. The microSD slot is there in all the variants of the f19 series and users can add additional amount of storage by buying expandable cards – two at a time, in case they have the need to do so. There is also no word as to whether there will be some kind of expansion card for storing movies. The pricing and the availability of these handsets have not been finalized as of this writing and the final call on this matter is still on.

The Oppo f19 pro is manufactured by a top Chinese manufacturer and it comes with a two year guarantee from the date of purchase. The two year warranty is provided because it is an electronic product and therefore the company is required to stand behind it. It is relatively light in weight and the body is covered with a hard metal finish. The phone is rectangular in shape and the screen is of high quality, with brightness and contrast ratios that are perfect.

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